Feed the cure

Reality sucks if you pay too much attention to it. If you listen carefully it sounds like ignorance and anger congealing together like a jello mold filled with nutmeg and […]

Play to win

For a mathematical genius, Einstein sure spent a lot of time playing the violin. Didn’t he feel pressed to run back to his chalkboard? Wasn’t he supposed to be figuring […]

Working Well

Wellness, staying present, mindfulness…all words you hear in a store that sells hemp and patchouli oil. But in a world where many of us are spending more time at work […]

It's 5:00 sometime

You kick the soccer ball down your office hallway to your son positioned near the elevators, who responds with a solid return into the row of file cabinets that shake […]

So don't call it a journal

We all know those people who curl up with a book that has rainbows and butterflies on it and write angst-ridden poetry or doodle their name with hearts over the […]

Falling from trees

There’s a tingling nausea that accompanies me as I watch my son climbing trees in the yard. He is fearless, grabbing at branches that bring him higher and higher, stepping […]

Curioso es divertido

I was in an un-delicious sandwich, wedged between the empty, overrated and unnecessarily dramatic world of Television Production and the vast murky darkness of “My Future Meaningful Career.”  So, I […]

Exit to Now

Maybe drives the unreliable car, the one that always seems to overheat in traffic. You suspect that the trees and flowers you have been watching flow past are just sets […]

Kudrow row row your boat

Before Lisa Kudrow was nominated for 30-ish Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards, before she took home a wheelbarrow full of statues including a Teen Choice life-size surfboard […]

Revenge and nunchucks

My son and I have an ongoing argument about how to deal with jerks.  I try and sway him from violence, although I fully recognize that it is the most […]